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I assume you're here because you like comedy, or just love to laugh in general. Well, that's a great reason to be here, because I like to laugh too! I like to laugh so much that I actually enjoy making other people laugh! Another thing I enjoy is seeing how dumb famous people can truly be. It fascinates me to learn how much celebrities get paid for the such horrible work that they sometimes do. However, I always try to keep up with these overly-paid celebrities and present their news-related stories to you with each episode. I not only try to report accurate news, but I present it in a way that is very opinionated and sarcastic. The Nick Harrison Podcast drops a new episode every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 7:30am. So if you need an effective way to get your morning started, or if you need something awesome to listen to on your way into work, tune in to The Nick Harrison Podcast on any and all major platforms which podcasts are enjoyed, because it will complete your day! 

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Do you like to complain? Of course you do, you're human! Well, I complain quite a bit. However, unlike most people, I love to complain on the internet on my podcast. If you would like to join me in complaining on my podcast, call The Hyena Hotline, where you can whine as much as you want! The Hyena Hotline is a voicemail box that accepts anyone's calls and records them. If you leave me a voicemail, I may even feature it on the next episode of the podcast; so call now!