Episode 15 of The Nick Harrison PodcastEpisode 15 of The Nick Harrison Podcast

Episode 15: The Top 5 Best Social Media Platforms For Ranting

We all love to complain, myself included. We enjoy doing this because as humans we always find something to complain about. We bottle up our thoughts, emotions, and feelings with no regard to our sanity. One day, we all find a way to explode and rant or vent to someone we are close to. In modern times, we use social media as a way to pathetically sit behind a computer screen and post updates online through social media for the whole world to view our thoughts. If you like to rant and you use social media, you’re inclined to find pleasure in ranting online via multiple social media platforms. If this person is you, then you may want to know the best strategies for ranting online through social media. Well, in this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I explain what social media platforms are best for ranting online and how to use these platforms to your advantage. Listen to the full episode of the podcast to hear more!