Episode 19 of The Nick Harrison Podcast

Episode 19: Tim Allen Reacts To The Last Man Standing Cancellation

Personally, I love comedy for obvious reasons. I love to laugh and I get a high off of the act of laughing in general. One of my favorite TV shows that made me laugh is Last Man Standing. LMS is a comedy show featuring Tim Allen where he portrays a conservative character displaying traditional family values. The show was funny in many aspects and kept me wanting to watch more. Unfortunately, with the many political viewpoints that are being debated, Last Man Standing was cancelled as a hit show with the ABC network. The show had received high ratings consistently and “won” Friday nights by an amount that broke records for the past 15 years. Naturally, Tim Allen was upset at the cancellation of his popular show. In this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I discuss the show Last Man Standing and talk about Tim Allen’s reaction to his show being cancelled.