Episode 20 of The Nick Harrison Podcast

Episode 20: United Airlines Officers Fired & Hailey Baldwin Loves To Wear Leather

Does anyone remember back in April when Dr. Dao was forcefully removed from a United Airlines flight for not giving up his seat? It was a story that went viral and gained lots of attention due to the violent nature in which officers removed the man from the plane. He was offered an incentive for giving up his seat and he simply said “no”. After that decision, officers violently removed him from the plane and the doctor was bruised, bleeding, etc. It was terrible for people to watch and many people became scared to imagine that they could indeed have been the one to get beat up on a plane. The officers have now been fired! In other news, Hailey Baldwin was seen out and about wearing mostly leather, even in the hot temperatures that the west coast of the U.S. produces. In this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I discuss both of these stories along with my guest host, the lovely Katelyn! Tune in to the full episode to hear more.