Episode 21 of The Nick Harrison Podcast

Episode 21: Ashton Kutcher’s Kids Will Not Be On His Social Media Accounts

We all know the ever-so-popular Ashton Kutcher, and for those who don’t know, Ashton is married to Mila Kunis, and they have kids together. Ashton Kutcher has recently stated that he will not post pictures of their kids on social media because he feels they deserve the right to make their own decisions about being online. I sit down on this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast and talk about social media and Ashton’s views on his kids being online. What better to discuss this topic with than the one and only Katelyn, who has very little social media presence also. Listen in to hear more!

Episode 20 of The Nick Harrison Podcast

Episode 20: United Airlines Officers Fired & Hailey Baldwin Loves To Wear Leather

Does anyone remember back in April when Dr. Dao was forcefully removed from a United Airlines flight for not giving up his seat? It was a story that went viral and gained lots of attention due to the violent nature in which officers removed the man from the plane. He was offered an incentive for giving up his seat and he simply said “no”. After that decision, officers violently removed him from the plane and the doctor was bruised, bleeding, etc. It was terrible for people to watch and many people became scared to imagine that they could indeed have been the one to get beat up on a plane. The officers have now been fired! In other news, Hailey Baldwin was seen out and about wearing mostly leather, even in the hot temperatures that the west coast of the U.S. produces. In this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I discuss both of these stories along with my guest host, the lovely Katelyn! Tune in to the full episode to hear more.

Episode 19 of The Nick Harrison Podcast

Episode 19: Tim Allen Reacts To The Last Man Standing Cancellation

Personally, I love comedy for obvious reasons. I love to laugh and I get a high off of the act of laughing in general. One of my favorite TV shows that made me laugh is Last Man Standing. LMS is a comedy show featuring Tim Allen where he portrays a conservative character displaying traditional family values. The show was funny in many aspects and kept me wanting to watch more. Unfortunately, with the many political viewpoints that are being debated, Last Man Standing was cancelled as a hit show with the ABC network. The show had received high ratings consistently and “won” Friday nights by an amount that broke records for the past 15 years. Naturally, Tim Allen was upset at the cancellation of his popular show. In this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I discuss the show Last Man Standing and talk about Tim Allen’s reaction to his show being cancelled.

Episode 18 of The Nick Harrison Podcast

Episode 18: How To Roast Someone On Social Media

I am not an advocate for picking on someone or hurting someone’s feelings intentionally. However, I am human, and sometimes it’s super easy to find flaws or imperfections in other people, even thought that is not a good way to live. In some cases, us humans find joy in picking on people online through various social media platforms. This act is usually called “roasting” them. Better yet, some people specifically asked to be roasted on social media because they find it fun to enjoy all of the newfound attention! If you know someone like this, or you stoop to the level of wanting to roast someone online, listen up! In this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast I consider strategies that you may find helpful when roasting someone online. Listen to the full episode to learn more!

Episode 17 of The Nick Harrison Podcast

Episode 17: How To Actually Lose Weight Fast

We live in a world where everyone wants to be thinner, more in shape, and weigh less; including myself! Who wouldn’t enjoy a life full of healthy meals, healthy exercise routines, and healthy lifestyles altogether?! NO ONE! Obviously, it can be super hard to achieve your health or fitness goals and that is why America is fat! More importantly, that’s why I am fat! However, I personally don’t care because I enjoy my life as I am. If you would like to lose weight, and lose it fast, you may try Google searching routines or meal plans to help in achieving that goal. But, as we all know, it’s easy to say you’re going to do something, yet hard to actually do it! If you’re wanting to actually learn how to lose weight fast, tune in to this episode of the podcast! On this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I apply what I call ‘comedic logic’ into how to lose weight and lose it fast! Listen to the full episode to hear more!

Episode 16 of The Nick Harrison Podcast

Episode 16: How To Get A Celebrity’s Attention On Twitter

Do you use Twitter? If not, stop what you’re doing and come join me in 2017. Everyone has Twitter these days. Some use it for marketing or business, while others use it for social networking. There is always someone who wants to become famous on Twitter or meet or chat with a celebrity. If you’re the person who wants to chat with a famous person on Twitter that’s great, but you probably don’t know how to accomplish that task. I apply crazy logic into some strategies that will succeed in getting a celebrity’s attention on Twitter. Be sure to listen to the semantics detailed in this episode to figure out your own methods of getting a famous person’s attention on Twitter! Listen up to this episode now!

Episode 15 of The Nick Harrison PodcastEpisode 15 of The Nick Harrison Podcast

Episode 15: The Top 5 Best Social Media Platforms For Ranting

We all love to complain, myself included. We enjoy doing this because as humans we always find something to complain about. We bottle up our thoughts, emotions, and feelings with no regard to our sanity. One day, we all find a way to explode and rant or vent to someone we are close to. In modern times, we use social media as a way to pathetically sit behind a computer screen and post updates online through social media for the whole world to view our thoughts. If you like to rant and you use social media, you’re inclined to find pleasure in ranting online via multiple social media platforms. If this person is you, then you may want to know the best strategies for ranting online through social media. Well, in this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I explain what social media platforms are best for ranting online and how to use these platforms to your advantage. Listen to the full episode of the podcast to hear more!

Celebrity News: Episode 14.5 of The Nick Harrison Podcast

CELEBRITY NEWS: 10/12/2017 – Ralphie May, Colin Kaepernick, Jase Robertson

In this special episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I discuss my love for Ralphie May’s comedic content and express my condolences for his passing. I also talk about Colin Kaepernick’s recent photo shoot that was supposed to be secret, but indeed was NOT! I add my thoughts on the NFL player and what I think about him as a person. Lastly, in this “Episode 14.5”, I talk about the Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson and how good of a person I think he is in doing an amazing act to benefit charity. Tune in to the full episode to hear more!

Episode 14 of The Nick Harrison Podcast

Episode 14: Why Doing A Chewbacca Impression Is Guaranteed To Get You Laid

If you’re a fan of Star Wars then you obviously know who or what Chewbacca is! Following that logic, you know what the sound or sounds that are made from Chewbacca. If you are able to impersonate Chewbacca himself or do a soundly impression of him, you may be a legend! Doing those impressions may be attractive to some girls and they may find you SEXY! If girls don’t, it’s their loss not yours! If you can impress a girl by imitating Chewbacca and performing a flawless impression you may find yourself cuddled up with the girl of your dreams. In this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I apply crazy logic behind my reasoning as to why doing a Chewbacca impression is guaranteed to make you lucky with a girl in bed. Find out more by listening to the full episode!

CELEBRITY NEWS: 10/10/2017 - Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Having Another Baby!

CELEBRITY NEWS: 10/10/2017 – Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Having Another Baby!

While I think the Kardashians gain way too much celebrity attention for doing absolutely nothing prestigious with their life, they are indeed a big part of the news these days. They are a family of yuppies who have more money than they know what to do with and use that money on glamour and enhancing their fame. Kanye West is a guy who never smiles, so I am not sure if he actually enjoys his life or not. However, Kanye and Kim have announced their third pregnancy. For the sake of the baby, I hope that Kim and Kanye do not name it a direction like they did with their last child. Anyways, in this Celebrity News “special” episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I discuss Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby announcement and my opinion on them as a family of useless famous people. Tune in to the full episode to hear more!