Episode 13 of The Nick Harrison Podcast

Episode 13: The Benefits Of Being In The Friend-Zone

If you’re a fan of The Nick Harrison Podcast and you listen to it regularly, then you should know that 4 episodes ago on episode 9 of the podcast I discusses 5 signs that prove that you are indeed in the friend zone. I proceeded to explain what the friend zone is and how you get in that weird zone to begin with. Most of the time, when guys are placed into the friend-zone by their female companions, the males usually become upset, depressed, or feel rejected. However, being in the friend-zone can have it’s advantages. With me being the positive-minded person I am, I attempt to find the good things in every situation. So, if you are in the friend-zone and think the world is over…its NOT! In this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast I discuss many positive benefits of being in the friend-zone and how it can actually turn out well for you! Tune in to the full episode to hear what I have to say!


Episode 12: 5 Games To Play On A First Date

We all know that a first date can be super awkward. This is especially true if you haven’t met the other person face to face yet. Sometimes we find people to date online and have the ability to text them or message them online, but cannot meet them until some time passes by. When you finally meet them in person, it can be weird and uncomfortable if you do not control the tension properly. The worst part about the first date and the awkwardness is the unusual silence when the conversation is dead and there is simply nothing to talk about. When that silence hits, why not play a game! This will allow both parties involved in the date to be cheerful, light-hearted, and able to laugh. In this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I give you 5 examples of games that you and your date can play the first time you go out together in person. Tune in to the full episode to learn about these games and hear how they can help alleviate awkwardness!


Episode 11: How To Tell Your Partner You Hate Their Mother

So, let’s say you think you’re in love…or better yet, you actually are in love. That’s great and I am very happy for you. However, we all know that being in love can have it’s ups and downs. Even worse, it can have tremendous consequences. You will have nay-sayers stating that your relationship is fake, or it will never last, or whatever. The low-life people will always find something to complain about. This is usually because they are unhappy with their own lives, or are simply jealous of your life! In a relationship you may find that one of your in-laws or future in-laws (for those that aren’t married yet) is not your most favorite person. You may find that your father-in-law is cocky and doesn’t like you, or that your mother-in-law is annoying and gets on your last freaking nerve! Luckily for me, that is not the case at all, and I love my girlfriend’s mother dearly and enjoy her company at all times. However, I have heard the horror stories and I know that some mother-in-laws are not that great to be around. In this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I discuss ways that you can convey your hatred towards your mother-in-law to your significant other and fill them in on your thoughts, yet in a discreet way and in a way that you can get away with, without being murdered by your partner! Tune in to the full episode to hear more!


Episode 10: Hilarious Ways To Make Money When You’re Stuck In An Airport

Do you travel? When you travel, do you ever get stuck in an airport? Well, I’ve never flown on a commercial jetliner, but I have heard many horror stories about being stuck in an airport and how much it sucks. People become bored, then they get grump, then everyone is miserable! I have also heard the bitching and moaning about how much stuff costs in an airport. So, I have devised a theory to the common traveller’s problem. Instead of spending tons of money in an airport, why not do the opposite…make money! In this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I go into great detail of how anyone can make some extra cash while they are lingering around and waiting on their flight in any airport. These strategies are simple and guaranteed cash-flow generators. I will say, however, is that I do not necessarily condone any rude or disruptive behavior, especially in an airport. However, I do fully condone listening to the full podcast episode to hear my thoughts on making money and how you can make cold hard cash in an airport!


Episode 9: 5 Signs That Prove You’re In The Friend-Zone

We all know what the “friend-zone” is…right? Well, for those that don’t know…it’s that awkward moment when you try to take a step further than friendship with a girl and she swats you away and claims “we are just friends”. Now do you know what it is?! YEAH…it sucks. We have all been there at one time or another, even if it wasn’t super awkward. Even if it was awkward for you publicly, you have to admit that it sucked! Now that you know what the friend-zone is, do you know whether or not you have ever been in this type of horrific situation? If you don’t think you have, or even if you’re questioning it, you are in the right place! In this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I reveal 5 signs that will be a dead giveaway that you are indeed in the friend zone. Listen to the full episode to hear more!


Episode 8: How Things Have Changed Since “Back In The Day”

We all have that person in our life that likes to tell “good ole boy” stories. They always talk about how things aren’t the way they used to be and how it’s “just not the same nowadays”. Well, in this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I relate to a lot of these old stories. I talk about how modern times have called for different strategies of being creepy…especially since the internet exists! More specifically, I talk about Pedophiles! What a lovely topic of discussion! Listen to the full episode to see how I portray such a creepy topic and how it has changed in our modern tech-filled society.


Episode 7: 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Melania Trump

Do you know Melania Trump? I assume you know her husband is Donald Trump…the President of The United States. But do you know his wife, Melania? Yeah? Well, do you REALLY know her? I don’t think so. On this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast I tell you 25 things about Melania Trump that you probably didn’t know. So, tune in and listen to the full podcast episode to learn all about the First Lady of the United States.


Episode 6: Why The Sport Of Golf Makes No Sense At All

Golf is an interesting sport that frankly does not make sense! I know many people enjoy playing golf for its relaxation benefits, but I cannot wrap my head around the concept of golfing and it’s scoring methods. Many people even enjoy wasting their Sunday afternoons watching golf on TV. That’s fine if that’s your thing, but it’s sure not mine! Tune in to the episode hear why I think golf is absolutely ridiculous and the scoring method needs to be reconsidered.


Episode 5: 5 Types of Facebook Profiles That You Should Delete Right Now

We all have Facebook. Or should I say we all SHOULD have Facebook by now. If you don’t have Facebook it means one of two things: 1. you have decided to move your social media experience to another platform, or, 2. you have not decided to join us in 2017. Either way, I think it’s safe to say we all know what Facebook is. We also all know what Facebook profiles are…you know, the “about us” pages of Facebook. Facebook can be stressful and cause a major headache if you have Facebook friends that are annoying or simply abuse the power of the platform. In this podcast episode I present different types of Facebook profiles that you should delete right now, and why. Tune in to the full episode to hear more!


Episode 4: The Meaning Behind Common Internet Slang Words

As parents, you should not be surprised to find out your children are texting and using social media platforms for everything these days. They are using emojis, bitmojis, emoticons, and slang terms! These slang terms are often acronyms or shortened texts that are meant to described something of greater value. In this episode of The Nick Harrison Podcast, I attempt to explain to you some of the various internet slang terms commonly used these days. I also make efforts to inform you of what these terms actually mean. This can be super helpful in punishing those demonic children as they may be sending bad texts messages to their friends. Tune in to the episode to find out!